Saturday, June 12, 2010

England-USA preview

The opening game in Group C brings together two countries, England and USA, with a history of close relations and comradeship off the field but very little in the way of history on it. Except for one startling exception: the 1950 FIFA World Cup clash in Belo Horizonte which the Americans, seen as a 'ragtag' outfit back home, took a battering ram to convention and upset their fancied opponents 1-0. With Slovenia and Algeria also in the group at South Africa 2010, the Rustenburg game could be pivotal in the fight for qualifying places.

The match
 England-USA, Group C, Rustenburg (Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace), Saturday 12 June, 20.30 (local time)
Under their new coach Fabio Capello, England put together a near-perfect qualifying campaign, winning nine of their ten games and scoring 34 goals - six more than Spain, the next best - to top Europe's goal chart with Wayne Rooney joint second in the individual scoring roster.
The US were also demonstrating efficiency, losing just twice in the final six-team Hexagonal phase of North, Central America and Caribbean Zone, finishing a point ahead of second-placed Mexico. A year ago their stock, and that of coach Bob Bradley, rose considerably with their performances at FIFA Confederations Cup 2009 where USA ousted favourites Spain in the semi-finals before going down to a narrow 3-2 final defeat to Brazil.
England haven't impressed in the run-up to South Africa, beating Mexico none-too-convincingly and then only overcoming Japan via two own-goals. Capello, who lost skipper Rio Ferdinand for the entire tournament after sustaining a knee injury in their first training session in Rustenburg, was also unhappy with the first-half performance in a practice match against the Platinum Stars. He is likely to install Ledley King, who has his own fitness worries, alongside John Terry in the heart of the defence while Joe Cole and Shaun Wright-Phillips might earn surprise starting roles to augment Wayne Rooney's attacking thrust. 
The Americans have scored victories over Australia and Turkey but went down 4-2 to Turkey. They are likely to stick with the tried and trusted formula that saw them reach the final of the FIFA Confederations Cup with midfielder Michael Bradley, son of the coach, warning their opponents to expect a physical approach.

Players to watch 
Jozy Altidore vs John Terry
Altidore has made giant strides with the national team, impressing in qualifying and becoming the youngest ever hat-trick hero in US history. He will prove a powerful opponent for Terry, England's former skipper, who's star has fallen during a difficult second half to last season. With his regular England partner, Ferdinand, absent, it will be down to Terry to keep the US heavy-hitters at bay. 
The stat3 -
Half of USA's six wins in 25 FIFA World Cup encounters were achieved against European opposition. As well as that famous 1950 victory over England they also beat Belgium 3-0 in 1930 and Portugal 3-2 in 2002.

What they said
"The big difference is that we've got a fit Wayne Rooney in this squad. And the squad is quite experienced. Obviously we're missing Rio but this squad is balanced. I think this is a lot of guys' last chance, considering their age at this World Cup," Joe Cole, England midfielder.
"If we give up too many wide free-kicks and direct free-kicks, we will probably get punished for it. It's important we're solid in defence and not leave guys open one-on-one," Tim Howard, USA goalkeeper.
Voice of the fans "Let's not forget the underdog in the World Cup 2002: USA 3-2 Portugal. Portugal were the semi-finalists in the Euro 2000. This match against the English squad could be a very good match or a blow out," user dmuma55.
The question England often carry a 'fancied' tag into a FIFA World Cup only to depart disappointingly on a penalty shoot-out. Will 2010 be the year when they finally make amends?

Friday, June 11, 2010


After all the has come I've been updating you on the tips and advices on travel to SA for FIFA World Cup 2010 tournament i hope you are now enjoying your trip since you arrival at SA. After years of preparations, discussion and waiting, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is finally here and for hundreds of eager ticket holders, the opportunity to be first through the gate at Soccer City this morning was a magical moment. and now

The waiting is over

The prize of first through the gate was eventually won by Hope Zindi, who was followed closely by her family.
“We are all so excited. We woke up at 5am just to make sure we would get here in time but we only left at 7 because we were singing and dancing at home. We were all so lucky as I got these tickets for my family at the last minute,” said Zindi who, along with her family, is certainly feeling the World Cup spirit. “The World Cup is inside us. We are eating, sleeping and feeling it”.
And while Zindi managed to claim first prize, there were many more right behind her.
“I am so happy – look around, South Africa is united,” said Fikile Zulu.

“I was involved in the construction of the stadium but it is so fantastic to be able to walk through the gates as one of the first fans. I really have no words. What is happening in South Africa today is unbelievable,” said William Mnguni who worked for one of the construction companies that built Soccer City stadium.
Some of the eager fans were surprised at how many people came to the stadium so early in the morning. “I got my ticket last year already. It is really amazing. I thought I would be here early but there are already so many people coming into the stadium. This is going to be a hell of a day, I can’t wait,” said Martin Oosthuizen.
It was not just South Africans that were eagerly waiting for the 10am opening, there were a number of Mexican fans keen to get to their seat well in time for the opening ceremony and match.
“We all flew in last Monday and it is excellent to be one of the first through the gate. This World Cup in South Africa will be brilliant. The atmosphere here is unbelievable,” said David Vargas.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Everybody loves football, in fact football is one the games that bring people of different background together regardless of their race, colour, ethnic, and ability. football knows no boundary when it comes to it fans. so as this year's FIFA world cup is hosted by S.A. it's my pleasure presents you with today's topic:

Fans & Tourists with disabilities

Does South Africa cater for tourists with disabilities? South Africa is definitely a bit of a curate's egg in this respect – good in parts.
Government has introduced legislation on this, so progress is being made. And many game reserves and places of interest have specially adapted accommodation and wheelchair-friendly facilities and walks. Many short trails also have Braille interpretation plaques.
  • Eco-access has an enormous database of accessible destinations.
  • Flamingo Tours specializes in tours for people with disabilities.
You would be amazed what some wheelchair-dependent people have done in South Africa – abseiled off Table Mountain; dared the highest bungy jump in the world at Bloukrans Bridge; tubed the awesome Storms River Gorge; hiked most of the Outeniqua Trail (this was a hard one); flown a microlight; and learned to scuba dive.
The sky's the limit. Oh yes, and skydived. (This was not all done by the same person!)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


hello there,  it's less than a week to the start of the world's biggest  game, and it's my pleasure to keep informing you the tips about SA, so that you can have a best vacation. our last blog is about health because we all know how important our health is, and I hope you keep that in mind and feel free to ask me every question about your travel or post a comment about any suggestion you may add to this. it's very important if i had a feed back from you, because that will let me understand your concern and what you need to get a best vacation. and today we turn straight to

Phoning to and from South Africa

South Africa has a well-developed communications infrastructure, with extensive landline phone networks and four mobile phone service providers - Cell C, MTN, Vodacom and Virgin Mobile - with far-reaching coverage.
Landline services are operated by Telkom SA Ltd, with a second operator, Neotel, currently in the process of setting up shop. Telkom public telephones use coins, phonecards or Worldcall. Phonecards and Worldcall can be purchased at most retail stores, petrol stations, post offices and airports.
You can rent mobile phones - we call them cellphones - from the airport on arrival. You should find an internet café in even the smallest towns, and the postal service works, offering the usual letter and parcel services as well as securemail, freight and courier services.


If you're dialling a number in South Africa, it must be preceded by:
  • +27, South Africa's international country code (the + sign represents the international access code for the country you're calling from); and either:
    • The area code of the city or town in South Africa you're calling (leaving out the first zero), if you're calling a landline; or
    • The cellular/mobile network code (leaving out the first zero), if you're calling a cellular/mobile network.
So, for example, to phone South African Airways' call centre from abroad, you'd dial +27 11 978 5313 (Johannesburg's area code is 011 - phoning from abroad, you leave out the zero).
What's the time in South Africa?
Go to Google and search "time south africa".
If it were a mobile number, you might start dialling +27 82 ... (082 is the code for one of our main mobile networks - phoning from abroad, you leave out the zero).
Dialling codes in South Africa
The area codes of some of South Africa's major cities are: Bloemfontein 051, Cape Town 021, Durban 031, East London 043, Johannesburg 011, Pretoria 012, and Port Elizabeth 041. For the rest, consult Telkom's Dialling codes in South Africa.


To make an international call from South Africa, dial 00, followed by the country code of the country you wish to call, followed by the relevant area code (if there is one), followed by the phone number.
What's my country's dialling code?
One of the quickest ways to find out is to dial Telkom's 24-hour international customer care centre - 10903 - and ask. The service is free. Alternatively, go to Google and type in "dialling code [your country]".
Operator-assisted dialling
Telkom's international call centre - 10903 - offers 24-hour assistance to anyone wanting to make international calls or send faxes, along with general international directory information.
What's the time back home?
Go to Google and search "time [name of your home country]".
Home Direct
Telkom's Home Direct service allows you to call an operator in your home country free of charge, either to place a call on your "phone home" account, if you have one, or to arrange a reverse-charge call. Telkom's Phone Book lists all available country-specific Home Direct numbers in its international dialling code list. Alternatively, phone Telkom's international customer care centre at 10903.
Public phones for tourists
Telkom has placed public telephones at major tourist sites across South Africa. Coin-operated phones are blue, while cardphones are green, and both are user-friendly and compatible with hearing aid devices. They offer a reliable connection, high quality of speech, and are affordable.
Phonecards and Worldcall
Telkom's Phonecards and Worldcall are available at major outlets where the Telkom logo is displayed.


If you're in South Africa and phoning a landline - whether you're phoning from a landline or a mobile phone - the number must be preceded by the area code (including the first zero) for the city or town you're phoning.
If, on the other hand, you're phoning to a mobile number, you never use an area code, only the appropriate mobile network code.


Many businesses and organisations have special landline numbers beginning with an 08 code - 0800, 0860, 0861, and so on. (But not 082, 083 or 084, which belong to the mobile networks.) These are, in effect, national numbers - area codes are dispensed with, and callers dial the same number regardless of where they are. Note that these lines can only be accessed from within South Africa.
  • 080 numbers (usually 0800) - no charge to the caller.
  • 0860 numbers - the caller does not pay for any long-distance portion of the call.
  • 0861 numbers - the caller is charged a flat rate for the call.


For landline numbers in South Africa, Consult Telkom's phone directories. The print versions are published and millions of copies distributed free of charge every year - you'll find them in airports, hotels, offices, homes and public phone booths just about everywhere. The online versions are at:
Alternatively, dial Telkom's telephonic directories:
  • International - 10903
  • Directory Services (Phone Book) - 1023
  • Talking Yellow Pages - 10118
  • Mobile Yellow Pages - SMS what you're looking for and where (eg "flowers cape town") to 34310.